Folklore is a great way of connecting to a heritage, and an excellent way of learning about us – appreciating how we’re different and how we are all the same.

Storiez bear the characteristics of culture of a people from which they originate. By delving into stories and traditions of communities, we can explore the similarities that run through our earth. Because the passing on of myths & legends is intrinsically human, and something we can all come together to share.

earthstOriez compiles, shares & preserves stories


Cultural heritage is in the food we eat (rice, potatoes, coconuts), the coffee we drink, the clothes we wear, the ethic we follow, the arts, the skills we learn – the stories we tell.

We are fascinated with all things green – the natural heritage of a place – collecting treelore, observing wildlife and discovering the stories that surround creatures, like the yeti, pandas, orang-utans and dragons.

Using history and heritage to tell the story of our journey.

earthstOriez celebrates the people, places, the history & heritage it meets travelling. Welcome to stories of wonder and every day travel life and places we have explored in over 10 years and counting…

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