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    EARTHSTORIEZ celebrates the people, places, the HISTORY & HERITAGE it meets travelling. Cultural heritage is in the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the religions we follow, the skills we learn – the stories we tell. Sometimes we can touch and see what makes up a culture – other times it is intangible. Stories bear the characteristics of CULTURE, FOLKLORE and CUSTOMS of the people from which they originate. By delving into stories and TRADITIONS of communities, we can explore the similarities that run through our EARTH. – Because the passing on of STORIEZ – history, mythology, legend and folklore – and traditions is intrinsically human, and something we can all come together to share. Storiez are a great way of connecting to a heritage, and an excellent way of learning about us – appreciating how we’re different and how we are all the same – and those moments, when just for an instant – we feel close to the people and the meaning of a place. It is growing in the process – making the strange familiar, and the familiar strange. At earthstoriez we know that stories are meant to be told, so we created this website. Cultural history brings to life a past time and place. EarthstOriez COMPILES, SHARES and PRESERVES STORIEZ from HISTORY & HERITAGE.

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    At EARTHSTORIEZ, we particularly treasure those threads of the fabric of knowledge that carry an awareness of how a FOLK is woven into a place. LORE has for millennia informed young people in how to be human in a natural world. Lore comes from the same root word as learn. It includes both historical knowledge and know-how, passed down from one generation to another.


      Animal lore is the accumulated fact, tradition, and belief about the fauna of a place and a people. Myths, legends, and folktales often highlight the close links between people and animals.


      Nothing brings us together like festivals do, so we try to be there – celebrating the sacred and profane together. Observing social practices – CUSTOMS & RITUALS – , listening to oral traditions and watching performing arts, like dance and music, universal languages, that we all have the ability to speak. Belief, ideas, customs and practices passed down from generation to generation within a community include religious or ritualistic practices and often trace their origin to certain folktales, legends or myths.


      Eating and drinking is a mind-broadening and an enjoyable cultural experience. Joining in with culinary traditions does enrich our taste buds. For earthstoriez, food is all about experiencing different cultures and exploring new tastes! We travel far and wide and remote places, sampling unique foods and flavors. However, there are likely to be many surprises along the way.


      Myth is set in a world that predates the present reality. A myth is a traditional sacred story, usually featuring goddesses, gods and heroes, which purports to give a cosmic explanation of a natural phenomenon or cultural practice. Myth is part of the cultural fabric, conveying essential (if not literal) truth and meshing with other stories and beliefs in the society.


      Plants give us food, drink, shelter, medicine, fiber, dyes, waxes, essential oils, perfumes and the air we breathe. Countless people before us tested and kept plants that were useful (Ethnomedicine & Ethnobotany). Discover earthstoriez – collecting traditional uses and folklore of plants.


      Tree lore is a body of traditions, stories and knowledge on trees, held by a particular comunity, typically passed from person to person by word of mouth. Discover earthstoriez collection of treelore and love for trees.


    At earthstoriez we write long articles, timelines are a smart possibility to navigate earthstoriez articles. A timeline is a way to show cultural history, that brings to life a past time and place in a chronological arrangement. You will find real and mythic events in the order of their “occurrence”.

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